Photos from the official point of view, a new generation still uses four Vios sedan layout, flat new grille with headlights cleverly fused, constitute a unique V-shape is similar. The bumper and grille design is full of sense of the times, compared to the current model has essentially improved. From the body side molding of view, some of the lines are more abundant, with a distinct sense of the times, and the C-pillar part of the design is fully taken into account in the head space of the rear occupant, and slender rear trunk will lead to better volume. Taillights part of the design is still used single style, which is the grade models have mostly design. But size is relatively large, for home users, more attractive. The interior design Toyota Exhaust Manifold is still walking route streamlined, the large size of the central instrument panel design with a barrel full of dynamism. The center console design is very simple, with a very rare CD component systems overhead (on the air conditioning vent above), the lower part of the manual air conditioning and not too many bright spots. In other specifications, the new generation Vios body length increased by 110 mm reach 4410 mm, body width can reach 1700 mm, although still a 2550 mm wheelbase, but after the rational distribution of interior space still seems relatively spacious, Asian families to meet the needs of users. Meanwhile, in order to increase the sense of control, a new generation Vios ride height lowered by 15 mm, a lower center of gravity and better stability. In the power section, the Thai version of the new generation Vios and there is no essential difference, still uses 1NZ-FE 1.5-liter engine race parts, the maximum power of 80 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 140 Nm, with the 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic transmission box, fully meet the needs of everyday use.